Thursday, May 21, 2009

We interrupt

this tranquil summer to co-costume Oliver!.
I hope it's co-, and not solo, because the other costumer was leery of taking it on, since it's
a) big
b) a period piece and
c) she doesn't really sew.
But since I am a sewing fool, with a sewing room and a big box of costume patterns, that solves that.
I only saw one of the two shows she did for TC this season- Shadowlands- but I loved what she did with it.
So, I hope we're compatible and can work on this together. Some of my favorite actors are auditioning and the set is by the usual designer and the woman who did Charlotte's Web.

Young people- here's what the director wants to know when you audition for a musical:
a) what your voice sounds like, and
b) can you carry a tune?
He is not interested in your 'stylings'. Really.

Obviously, we rent all the men's tailoring. And if we're really lucky, we can perhaps borrow whatever the Local High School kept from Les Mis. Slums are slums, right?
I'm rambling- I'm excited to be doing this. Can you tell?


QP said...

Perfectly wonderful!! I'm excited too.

I woke up Tuesday morning with the bright idea to kidnap my grandson, hop the train to DFW and make the rounds of interesting sights for a few days. Now we have a focal point!!!

My fingers are crossed the dates don't conflict with my one and only, tickets-are-bought, trip to Wyoming with Cowboy July 8 - 13th.

Sal said...

we open the 10th and run through the 26th. The usual 9 performances, Friday thru Sat.
I think he's just the right age to enjoy it.