Friday, May 22, 2009

My Costume Maxims
just to get in gear...
Yes, just like Aesop's morals, some of these are contradictory. It depends on the context.

1) That's close enough for government work.

2) "Sixty seconds, Mom. That's how long he's on-stage."

3) If you didn't want to wear fur, why did you audition for an animal?

4) It's a costume, not a prom dress.

5) "I was not aware the History Channel was coming to this show."
6) More is more- think Big.
7) A comfortable actor is a happy actor.

8) Sometimes you have to suffer for your art.
9) It can be fast, cheap or good. Choose two.

N.B.: Falsies must be basted in, rather than pinned. Had to use the hemostat to remove the safety pins from the 'Sylvia' bra, they'd rusted from the perspiration.

1 comment:

QP said...

Wise woman. And I like your comment at John's >> The purpose of the costume is to move the narrative.

Most of my life I over-dressed, tastefully of course ;-), but it was still about "showing off".

Now I'm 95% plainly & appropriately dressed for the occasion, except when I catch myself gardening (in the backyard) in my nightie.