Thursday, May 14, 2009


What I've been doing instead of writing here:

Building stuff for the garden

and spinning. This is only about half of the output now. It's not exactly out of control, but has the potential to become so.
Just spent what might be my dumbest $8 ever on eBay, buying a fleece. It was advertised as 'washed', but when we opened the box, we learned that 'washed' doesn't mean 'odorless'. It's a lovely creamy white color, but smells distincly 'sheepish'. Nor is it carded, so I'm off to the Petco for some dog slicker brushes to deal with it.
Ro came in to hang about the bedroom door.
"I'm worried, Mom. B's mother thinks Barack Obama might be the anti-Christ. She's been seeing all these numerological signs that he is- something to do with 444. She's seeing it everywhere."
"Darling, you do know that numerology is complete bullshit, right?"
"Yes, but you know her. She seems so certain that if you listen to her long enough..."
"Okay- I think he's a biblical chastisement, but he's not suave enough to be the anti-Christ. Alright?"
"But he swayed a lot of people."
"Many of whom just thought it would be cool to elect the first black President and are now going 'Holy Moley- what just happened here?' So- stop worrying, at least about the anti-Christ part."
"And please don't pay any serious attention to B's mom."
Reading a wonderful web of interconnected works- from Schumacher's "Guide for the Perplexed" to Vincent McNab's "Flee to the Fields" to Schall's "The Order of Things". Sane people for crazy times.
I also picked up a copy of Magnificat magazine for May. The offices are not as long or full as the ones in Shorter Christian Prayer, but they involve less flipping around and manipulation of markers, which I can understand being appealing. It also includes all the Mass readings, meditations and bios of various saints. I can see why it is so very popular.
The Yarbroughs have been attending Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and love it. They have learned so much that has helped them understand how they deal with money and how they can change that for the better. They have Fan Target in their sights, now.
She just finished a wonderful knitted baby blanket for the new daughter of some of Davy's friends. He is on tour with a show now, but it's coming to Dallas for one night, so she and the Yarbs will get to see him then. We'll be babysitting, so they can attend.
"History is the river, real life is what happens on the banks."


QP said...

Stinky sheep smell sucks. So it's out in the garage waiting more washings before carding.
I love the natural color palette of your skeins! Very wabi.

I've been reading The Daily Office from Mission St. Claire online. It sounds like the Magnificat, which I will search out. Thanks.

mushroom said...

As 1 John 2:18 says, "... there are many antichrists."

I pay no attention to the number thing but Obama does have what you could call a "false anointing" -- which is one literal meaning of antichrist. This happens with people periodically throughout history.

I remain fairly hopeful that Americans will wake up at some point.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Sal!

You have been busy. I've caught Dave Ramsey on FBN before. He gives sound financial advice.

I cooncur about Obama. I wouldn't think THE anti-christ would ever need a teleprompter to look halfway intelligent.

Once the regular folks start gettin' hit in the wallet, I suspect his palace of cards to come crashing to the ground, as it did for Carter.
Nothin' like taxes by every other name possible to wake folks up.

Thanks for the update, Sal! Good to hear from you. :^)

Sal said...

QP- did you see the Anchoress's post on Oblates and Tertiaries? I'm giving that some serious consideration.

Mush- that may be what I mean by chastisement. If we can start/stop doing what we should/shouldn't be doing, we can avert him.
But it's up to us.

You have to wonder if his handlers are kicking themselves and wishing they'd gone with the 'other guy', whoever that might have been.