Wednesday, May 20, 2009

or maybe not.
I'm still a neophyte in the raw fiber world, so the condition of the one I bought off eBay may be how it should be. So I'm certainly not giving her bad feedback. Plus, I love a challenge.

Taking a cue from Mythbusters, who always do things in miniature first, I took a handful, stuffed it in an organza gift bag and washed it in the sink, per instructions off the Net. With a smidgen of Dawn, that gets grease, or lanolin, out of your way.

(Oh, Internet, how I love you! You tell me how to make a fat suit out of two T-shirts and fiberfill, or how to make Kung Pao Chicken, or find me that quote of Newman's on Anglicanism. Or how to process the fleece I bought on eBay.)

Once it was dry, I carded it, sort of, with the dog slicker brushes, spun it, plied it and solar-dyed it with a blend of Orange and Lemonade Kool-Aid. Now it smells quite tasty and not like a barnyard.

Since that worked out adequately, I ordered some actual carders and washed up a much larger batch in the bathtub, which I dried out in the garden on a bath towel. My using the kitchen colander to scoop the loose wet wool out of the tub will be our little secret, okay? I washed it really, really well afterwards.


mushroom said...

That's a good point about Mythbusters. My wife inevitably complains, "They're just adults playing with toys."

To which I reply, "That's right."

QP said...

Now I gnos where the girls got their resourcefulness. My next test would have been, after the mini sink test, to put the organza gift bag in the washing machine. I "rinshed" out too many cloth diapers in the bath tub I guess. Pampers got invited when he turned 1 year; about the same time I bought a washing machine.

QP said...

....Pampers got INVENTED.....and I bought them in Conway, Arkansas at Wal Mart store No. 2.

Sal said...

We love Mythbusters! the idea of having your extreme experimentation only curtailed by your producer's budget- priceless.

You can wash it in the machine, but it's way easier to wash out the tub than the washer once you're done- the resultant gunk is sticky- and there's less chance of accidental felting.
One of the cats lay on the bath towel I used to dry the wool all day, like a little kid with a lovey- the residual odor must be attractive.