Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Education Dollars at Work
Not gobsmacked, just furious.

Sis just got back from Ni's school. She was attending something called the "Reading Restaraunt", where parents come to listen to their child read. One of Ni's selections was something they all had to write called "If I were President". Apparently, there was a list of pre-selcted "prompts" for the kids to choose from.

Sissy was okay with "I would not test on animals" and "I wouldn't have any war", because Ni is, after all, only seven and not really up on the Just War Theory. But when it came to "I would make all the rich people give their money to the poor people." it was "Whoa there, cowgirl!"

There will be a little chat tonight at home, because you don't call your innocent kid out in front of their class.

There may be a visit to the teacher, to determine from which educational outlet this came.

Mimi may have to build one of these in their backyard, so she can come in and homeschool them every day. I don't have anything else pressing to do, after all...

When I think of the decline of the great idea of public schooling for everyone, it makes me so sad.
But really, it's only a good idea depending on who chooses the curriculum. If it's a curriculum based on Truth, Goodness and Beauty. In short supply these days.


mushroom said...

I cut a 7-yo some slack, although it is time to start having some little talks. Or maybe cut her CNN time.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Yikes! They indoctrinate kids younger than ever these days.
I hope you got to the bottom of it, Sal.

QP said...

Crikey! How depressing. The HS curriculum looks good. Prayers for discernment.

cipriano said...

I saw your comment somewhere about Sophie Marceau possibly being the actress who best exemplifies Anna Karenina, in our current evolution of movie-making.
I agree, and just wrote a piece about it.Check out Sunday, May 3rd posting at Bookpuddle.