Thursday, April 02, 2009

DVR Wars

Ro is complaining about all the movies I've got stored to watch. It seems they're taking up space better occupied by "How It's Made" and "Myth-busters". Never mind that only 33% of the actual space is being used.
"Can we delete 'Nosferatu' ? It's been in there two weeks."
"No! I want to watch it."
She gives me a Look, then curls her hands into claws, hunches her shoulders and widens her eyes a la Max Schreck.
"There- you've seen it. Now can I erase it?"
"No, I want to see the rats, the ghost barge and the print in the book turn into esoteric signs."
"Okay, FINE!"
"I could delete 'Bachelor Party'." Click. "Oh, look, now we're at only 28% storage used."
'Thank you."

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