Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'll be (Updated)
joining what I hope will be several thousand of my fellow citizens at our local Tea Party, 11:30 to 1:30.
We paid our taxes yesterday, and discovered that, thanks to the entrepreneurial talent of my youngest brother, we passed the Magic Obama Tax-You-More cut-off. And yet, he voted for him. We are gobsmacked, my sister and I.
Hope to get some photos.
Though a dangerous right-wing extremist, I'll be heavily disguised as a suburban grandmother, who sometimes shops at the Cracker Barrel.
Photos from the local Tea Party. I estimate that we had about 200 or so. Not bad for a suburb.
We lined up/marched along the city's main street at the intersection of George Bush Freeway.
Much appreciative honking. We were waving back like homecoming queens.
Lots of people were also planning to go to the Dallas event. And Rush had a fellow on who was reporting from the Southlake Party, which was a little more celeb- heavy. The Gov., who came out in support of Texas's sovereignity, as per the 10th Amendment, is going to be at several spots today and I bet the crowds will go wild.
As you can see, this was a totally grass-roots make-your-own-sign kind of affair.
Lined up along the street. Note the little guy, with his mom. The wind almost blew him away a time or two.
My personal favorite of the signs.


QP said...

LOL does not begin to cover it.

Sal said...

It has embroidered hummingbirds AND a birdhouse button.
I will also be wearing my garden hat.
I kill myself...

mushroom said...

I'm torn between my black cap that says "Fisher Feedstore" in pink, or my "#1 Grandpa" hat.

I'm afraid the feedstore hat might identify me as one of those dangerous people inclined to grow their own food.

I don't dare wear my Primos game call cap, any of my camouflage, or my NRA cover. Maybe I could pass for a liberal if I wore my Mizzou lid.

julie said...

I've decided I'm going to get all gussied up - floaty white peasant blouse, makeup, I might even curl my hair... if anyone looks at me crosswise I plan to give them a devastatingly innocent bat of the eyelashes over big green puppy-dog eyes.

Then I'll say, "But think of the children! They are our future, and we're mortgaging that future for big corporations!"

Dangerous? Ha! The only thing that could be worse is if I wore a pretty skirt, but I think it'll be too windy for that.

My alternative is the "Viva la Reagan revolucion" t-shirt (bright red, of course, and way too big). But I figure that femininity (as opposed to feministity) will be more of a winning strategy today. ;)

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Great pics! And they can spell! Ha ha!