Saturday, April 04, 2009

Move over, Morgan Jane

There's a new baby in town.

This is my new Majacraft Pioneer, which I brought home on Thursday. This stock photo shows all the wonderful (boring) technical details, like
- Double heel and toe treadling- Frictionless ball bearings- Single hook flyer- Maintainance-free drive band- Super smooth patented bobbins- Lightweight- No threading hook required- Right or left handed- Five ratios available on each whorl
All of which simply mean that it is soooo nice to spin on. The treadle action is so smooth and effortless that I've really had to throttle back on the treading or it goes way too fast.
Ro came in to watch a moment and noted that it sounded different from the loaner "That one sort of whirred, and this one goes "sssssssss". Which means it's super quiet and I can spin when the rest of the house is asleep.
Like any new mom and baby, we're still getting used to each other. But I see many happy useful years ahead.
Sissy came over with the kids yesterday and Bubs and I had a little CTJ on the subject of Mimi's new wheel.
"See, Bubbie, this is Mimi's new spinning wheel and she needs you to never, ever touch it. Okay?"
Poor little guy got this 'what did I do?' look on his face.
Sis said "You're not in trouble, honey. We just need you to leave Mimi's wheel alone."
He thought for a moment, then: "Just look! Don't touch! 'Cause that will make Mommy and Mimi sooooo happy!" Yes! and much cheering for his smart self.


julie said...

Hey, that's pretty cool! Almost makes me want to try, it has such sleek lines and the wood looks so touchable. It's like a meditation device :D

And obviously, bubs is a very bright little chap.

Sal said...

That's one of the reasons I bought it- there is a distinct 'zone' in spinning. Very meditative and peaceful and you end up with Yarn!
Wonderful yarn with the minute imperfections of hand-made. What could be better?

QP says throwing pots on a wheel has a similar effect.
The circularness probably means something cosmic, but what?

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter Sal!
Have fun with your new Majacraft Pioneer! :^)
That's a cool name, BTW.