Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Daughter, the Junkman
Target calls from the Berkely of the North with her Christmas list and a little work-related story:
"So, we pick up the fridge in the house- where she hasn't lived in three years- and something falls out of the bottom-"
"Please don't tell me what -"
"- and it was a CAT SKULL! And she's like 'oh, I thought one of the cats had disappeared'. So, we're pulling away and she comes out of the house with a plastic bag and asks if we can throw it away for her and it's the rest of the cat!"
"So, she just swept Kitteh up in a dustpan and gave him to you?"
"Well, it was only bones and some fluff. But yes."

There better be some adorable piece of free furniture in a pick-up this week to make up for that.


julie said...


Does the woman have no sense of smell? Criminy - I remember once when a mouse died in the walls of our house when I was a kid - it drove everyone crazy trying to find the dang thing. Eeeeeew!!

Sal said...

No, you see, she hadn't lived in the house for three years. She'd been out of town caring for her elderly mother.
And the cat was one of her 'leventy hundred barn cats, so it's not like it's a family pet.
But still!

julie said...

Oh. Still gross, but not nearly as bad as I thought, then.

Yes, there'd better be some good free furniture to make up for that!