Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009
The Holiday Store

The back stock in my domain
Just a fraction of the prepared food boxes

The site, in prep mode. Please note the lovely electric blue walls.

Cap knitters. The lady in the middle is our long-time volunteer Maxine.
Who just retired, at 84, to knit more caps.

Infants and Under-3's Table

Adult and Family Table

All set up and ready for shoppers
Anatomy of an Enchanted Forest
The table

The trees, ready to be unfurled.

The fixin's

Bare trees

More fixin's
Add one granddaughter, several 'discussions', lots of mind-changing and

The finished result!

With an added improvement by V.


The Nativity scene, waiting
White Christmas.
On Christmas Eve morning, Target and I were in the sewing room, finishing up one of her presents. She had just flown in the previous evening from Michigan.
I looked out the window and said "Oh, look- it's snowing."
"No, it's not," she said.
Um, yes- it was.
She was furious.
In spite of our worries about the Yarb's air trip to Florida, we enjoyed this unexpected Christmas treat.

Christmas Eve
In a big departure from tradition and to accomodate the Yarb's plans- we had a family dinner on Christmas Eve, then went to their house for the kids' presents. After that, we returned home to open our presents. Contrary to someone's predictions, the world continued to spin on its axis. Plus, she got some great presents, like a DVD/video player and a vacuum and a mixer from her Nanna.
Target, in spite of the snow

Morgan and her G-daddy. The children wore their pj's to dinner.

I don't know how to cut this. Ignore.

A little confused.

O and Bubs with their Santa gifts. He had come and gone when we were having dinner
as a special favor, because of the trip.

Romo in his present from Mimi- fat man in a little coat.
O: He must like it, Mimi- he's not biting at it.
Me: Darling, I don't think he can move his head.

Sarah, in her work shirt, and Bubs

Mass at the monastery
When celibates decorate...

The founding monks were escapees from Hungary. This lovely cloth was the table cover for the Nativity scene.
A lovely rest of Christmas and a Happy New Year!


julie said...

What a marvelous collection of memories!

God bless you & yours in this new year, Sal.

Sal said...

Thank you, Julie- the same to you and yours.
What an exciting year 2010 will be!

Mizz E said...

"when the celibate decorate" - Priceless. Love you, tanis

Sal said...

I know!
I'm as in awe of the Eucharist as anyone, but seriously, gentlemen- big bunches of plastic grapes on your tree?

Don't miss the saga of the Y's trip to D-world. It's epic.