Monday, November 09, 2009

Days of Gratitude: Catching Up
The Fort Hood atrocity (like Robert Avrech of Seraphic Secret, I refuse to call it a 'tragedy') and the House vote on healthcare slowed me down. But still, I am grateful for:
  • Americans who have not succumbed to PC. Please see the One Cosmos archives for the best take-down of this pathology available.
  • Americans who will not surrender their personal liberties without a fight.
  • Smart people, who are also wise people. I am blessed to know so many on the Net. You know who you are...
  • Even though we have theological differences, being united with Evangelicals and non-lefty Protestants in the Culture War. I am especially grateful for their many excellent women's sites, which are so encouraging.
  • Goodwill, where I found a lot of useful stuff for the show.
  • No divas.
  • That the neighbors, after the death of their ancient kitty, who we would watch when they left town, have a new cat.
  • The creativity and handiness of Sissy- who put together a wonderful personal prop for me for the show. Her unerring eye is invaluable.
  • Every time I leave the house to get into the car, the garden lifts my spirits with its vibrant fall growth. (It also makes me feel a little neglectful, but that's a thought for another day.)
  • Getting to spend a couple of hours with just Miss O. We went to Joann's - oh, fun!- but she likes crafts and loves to discuss Mimi's costuming. She is simply the dearest little girl on earth.
  • Her sister, OTOH, is the funniest. How I treasure our walk up the block on Friday. She is tip-toeing over the acorns on the sidewalk in her little bare feet. (It wasn't that cool, and I refused to wrestle with their heinous baby-gate to go get her shoes. Yes, I'm a terrible grandmother.) "Morgan, let Mimi carry you." "NO!" "Sweetie, you're going to hurt your footies." "NO!" She can do that "NO!" thing for twenty minutes at a time. Miss Independence.


julie said...

I seem to recall stubbornly walking around barefoot as one of the joys of childhood. Even when we'd inevitably get stickleburrs in our feet from the Texas grass. (My dad was stationed in Abilene briefly, for a couple of years)

Your grandkids sound delightful!

Sal said...

They are!
Did your ears burn on #3? I'm looking at you...

julie said...

I dunno - mostly, I feel neither smart nor wise. Maybe that's the key...

Skully said...

My ears burned. I have been known to be called a wise guy more than once.

Coulda been the grog, though.