Monday, March 16, 2009


'Fan Target's' boyfriend is in town for 2 weeks, so we had Family Dinner on Saturday. She wanted to share the tradition of Marshall's Bar-B-Que with him, so we picked up a couple of family packs. And we ate off the Fort Worth Centennial plates I inherited from my grandmother and which are only used for family and honored guests.

While Sissy, Miss O and I cleaned up the kitchen before game playing and dessert, Marge and Davy fed Morgan Jane her dinner. "Let's just stuff her under our shirts and make a break for it", he said.

They are going to Arkansas this week, so he can meet college friends and see her school. She is a little apprehensive about this because strange things happen on trips to AR, but maybe if he's there, nothing odd will occur.

There is much progress on the toilet-training front, but people have threatened to quit reading if we don't quit writing about poop.

I finished my spinning lessons and have ordered a wheel of my own. Not the Cadillac design, more of a Hyundai, but with the potential for add-on's. I would be going through spin withdrawal, but I have to wind (and/or untangle) all the skeins I've made so far and wind them into balls, which keeps me busy. And I want to catch up on the sewing and clear my decks, to be able to spin guilt-free when it arrives.
Ro has gone to Austin to see the boyfriend in his roomates's movie at South by Southwest. It must be a sign of the times- everyone now has a movie that they edited in their bedroom, instead of a novel. She made them a cake, decorated to look like a wheel of Swiss cheese, a gigantic kitchen-wrecking project, but very cute. It seems the film is about a goat named Artois and goat cheese. As far as I can tell.
She got free show photos from "Rumors" because she was nice to the photographer, who appreciated it. She is 'jus' adorable' as the Tiny Cop. The other actor is about three times her size- no wonder they get a nice laugh.

Turning the back yard into my little mini-farm is one of the smartest things I've done lately. It's practical, it's exercise, it's soothing manual labor, it's meditative and prayerful and it's good stewardship.
Alas, many of the groups you turn to for advice, products, philosophy or fellowship are fanatic ecologists. Even the Catholic Bishops Conference for Rural Living has drunk the 'climate change' kool-aid. So, the winnowing of useful knowlege from hysteria is time-consuming, but worth it.


mushroom said...

Strange things happen in AR. That is the truth. I have a feeling I may wind having to go down to Austin before the year is out myself -- for work -- no SXSW for me.

Sal said...

The whole movie thing is killin' me-
Target's bf wrote, shot and edited a whole movie over his Christmas vacation when he was supposed to be working on a screenplay for a well-known character actor. So he was kind of in the doghouse over that...

Ro's bf's roomies just needed free labor, I think.

Don't stay in Austin too long. I'm just sayin'

Skully said...

I for one enjoy your witty poop remarks, Sal. Don't lrt the poop police get ya down.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Sal-
You can always ask Walt for advice. He really knows a lot about growin' stuff.
He also has a good recipe for kimchee, if you like kimchee. :^)

Sal said...

OF course!
How could I forget Walt, the nature sensei?
The poo police consist of the childless 'fans'. Wait til they have kids of their own...