Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Got a new show
to do. Called Sylvia, about a middle-aged couple and the dog that comes between them. One cast member plays three roles: a guy in the dog park, a well-to-do woman and a unisex counselor.
He can manage dog park guy, and probably part of the counselor, but I have to do the lady from scratch.
I've been lucky so far- located a pair of size 12 heels, a size 44D bra and a 2X shape slimmer, aka a girdle, and the right size pantyhose at Marshall's. The dress has to match the shoes, which are an unusual plum suede, but nice. So- I make the dress, to have total control over it, and accesorize with jewelry, purse and shawl from Sam Moon. And possibly a new wig- the theater's collection is in kind of bad shape.
The dog is played by a young woman, who wears people clothes. She needs one sewn outfit: a poufy skirt and a shrug, with a hairpiece and bow, a baggy sweater from Goodwill, a little black dress (Marshall's again), and kneepads. Oh, and pumps for the dress. I wanted to update her a little- give her a graphic tee or some such, but the director likes the original cast photo, so we're going with that.
I'm really concentrating this time on making the decision and sticking with the first suitable materials that click. No hunting the elusive perfect fabric hiding over the rainbow.


Susannah said...

That sounds like fun! You really get to exercise some creativity with the costuming. I posted pics of the girls with the horses today. Thanks again; they are SO excited!!! I couldn't have outfitted them without your generous help. They're going to learn a lot, not just about riding, but about caring for the animals, the whole nine yards. I really like the instructor's relaxed but wholistic approach (she's a homeschooler, too ;) ).

Sal said...

I'm so glad they're enjoying it!
Yes, it's fun, but a lot of work- I have to be extra nice to the family to make up for the time spent.