Monday, December 31, 2007

The Year in Review

We mark 22 years living in the house and get our third fence and first new windows. I can see clearly into the side yard for the first time in fifteen years. By modern standards, that's a long time to live anywhere. Ro has lived here all her life, Miggs can't remember living anywhere else.

I visit IKEA for the first time, and immediately make plans to sell the house, all the furniture and go live in an adorable little vignette filled with inexpensive mass-produced home products. In the course of a year, we will buy eight bookcases, one storage unit, a bedside table, a chair, a worktable, a queen-size comforter, curtains, a wooden doll bed and numerous kitchen items from them.

We celebrate Dad's 80th birthday in April with a big party in Austin.

The two red tabby brothers, Silk and Shakespeare, aka "Get down!" and "Stop that!" come to live with us, having worn out their welcome at Migg's.

I attend an audition at The Local Community Theater, mention "It says here that you could use a costumer" and wind up doing three productions from April to December. In the course of which I learn many interesting and useful things, about theater and self.

In February, Nini turns five. In August, she starts all-day kindergarten. We are not impressed with what turns out to be government funded day care.

In June, Bubs is one. In July, he learns to walk and, his father's son, embarks on a course of self-destruction, caused by fearlessness and clumsiness in equal parts. He develops the biggest vocabulary I have ever seen for a toddler boy and I'm not just prejudiced because I'm his mimi.

Brother introduces us to his new girlfriend, who is also his boss, so we have to keep this on the down low. She instantly clicks with the family and spends Thanksgiving and Christmas with us.

My little Ford is totaled in an August car wreck, which focuses my concentration on some issues and completely prunes others out of my life. Having it absolutely impressed upon you that you are, indeed, going to die someday makes a difference.

The two of us take an extended vacation in October in my new car. We have many good times, and see a lot of pretty country, but also remember why we don't take extended vacations together.

Bob makes retirement plans for early next year.

Ro, after much soul-searching, decides to take next semester off and work. Miggs, ditto, decides to apply to grad school.

I get to meet a Raccoon, the fabulous MizzE. And her wonderful sister.

The Y's add Romo, the puppy, to the household. After Christmas, they announce that they are moving to Arizona ASAP to help his mom care for his dad, who has ALS. I take a day off to mope, but helped by this, come to grips with the situation and prepare to help pack.

And that's about it for 2007.


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Thanks for the recap, Sal.
I hope 2008 is your best year yet!