Monday, December 10, 2007

My Advent Treat

So, I'm wandering through the Kroger's late Saturday afternoon, picking up a few things to go with That Beef Thing That Jake Likes, simmering at home in the crockpot. I'm grinning so that I'm scaring people a little. They're sidling away down the aisle: 'That lady is just a trifletoo happy."
And why is this, you ask?
Because I'd just met my wonderful blog-friend MizzE for the first time face to face. She (and her equally wonderful Sister) graciously added a trip to the community theater to see the show, while on a visit in the area.
What a joy. I had greenroom duty again, and was counting down the minutes: first act over, intermission over, second act half-way over, Charlotte's dead, baby spiders hatching, final speech, curtain calls, and scene! Then I was off to the lobby.
We recognized each other instantly, and had a lovely half-hour's chat. She took a few photos, which are up at her site.
So, if you haven't followed the link already, go and meet this wise, gracious and lovely lady yourself. She expresses herself much better than I could ever describe her.


Mizz E said...

Thing is, before we met, I was a bit anxious about this: I've always thought of you as way more sophisticated and wise than I 'bout many things. Now I still do, but I'm not anxious anymore, because your tender nature is so big!

Are you feeling rested?

Sal said...

I'm getting there, but life keeps intruding, in a good way: Austin daughter coming in for a visit, baby-sitting while they Christmas shop and so on.

Thank you for the lovely write-up.
Sophisticated? I think not...

WordGirl said...

I love this! Which one of you is which?

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

I'm so happy you Sisters under the pelt had a chance to meet!
And what better meeting place than the stage of Charlotte's Web?

Sal, you and Mizz E got me grinning a trifle too happily too!
Too much of this Good thing is...a Good thing.
What a bleesing! :^)

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

I mean, blessing. Obviously I was too happy to spell.