Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Update: Mad Monkey Cuteness

Friday was the Halloween carnival at Nini's school and Bubs was the beau of the ball, reports Sissy. People were dragging their friends in from other parts of the building to see him.

A dad asked if it was alright to take his picture for the yearbook. "I know I'm a guy, "he said " but this is the cutest thing I've ever seen."

Alas for Ni's butterfly wings that had been appliqued and quilted and be-sequinned! Not enough stiffener or something, so they flopped around too much. Sunday, we did a quick Google for an alternative involving the black tunic and decided: "Ladybug!" Yesterday I swept by the Hobby Lobby for new supplies and sewed the little round red and black wing case for her back and I must say it is darling and she will be cute as puddin' pie. Good save, Mimi!

Oh, and FYI, trick or treaters: if you actually say "Trick or Treat!" winningly, and then thank the nice parent, you will get more treats. Just hold your bag out silently demanding and there will possibly be one Hershey's kiss for you.

It's called quid pro quo and it will come in handy someday.


WordGirl said...

Good save, indeed!

And I *MAKE* TOT'ers say it. Or they don't get any candy. Kids these days. Tef calls it "candy entitlement". LOL!

Sal said...

Candy entitlement! I love it. Another nail in the coffin of Western Civ.

Parents were allowed to do "Trunk or Treat". They could park in the teachers' lot and pass out candy from their cars.

Of course, some dads went all crazy with the decor- dropping spiders and so on. Men are so great that way!

Every year, I threaten to put up a sign: You must be shorter than this to Trick or Treat. Like carnival rides, but I never do it...