Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pretty Much Unbearable Mad Monkey Cuteness

LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's so ADORABLE!!!! thank you thank you thank you! have a fun trip! -@
Why, yes, I am the best Mimi in the whole world...


WordGirl said...


Sal said...

Oh, there's more-
seems there's one of him running behind a tree, like a tiny Sasquatch.

And his brilliant mother made him a treat bag shaped like a half-peeled banana. I'm in awe of her cleverness.

Just think of the fun you'll have like this someday.

WordGirl said...

One can only hope!

And a "half-peeled banana" treat bag?! The squishy monkey-baby is killin' me, Sal -- KILLIN' ME!

Mizz E said...

How cool this blog business is to be able to keep up with you and your precious adorables!!