Thursday, August 02, 2007


I got a sucker, I got a sucker, I got a sucker, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Got Bubbins for the morning on Monday. I was warned that I'd only have time to pick up the basics, as his grocery attention span was short. But he was perfectly good- we discussed eggs and milk and English muffins and he told me a long, involved story about...something. Kitty food, maybe.
But in the produce section, he began to struggle to get out of the cart and reach the kiwis.
Now, I know he has no personal experience with kiwis, other than tasting them at Nana Gigi's, so I couldn't see what the uproar was about.
'What, baby?" I asked.
He gave me his trademarked "you silly woman" look: "Baw!, Baw!"
Well, duh.
He was in ball heaven, while I picked up some romaine and nectarines.
And I bought him a green plastic one, for being a genius.

Balls are a big deal around here.
He played nicely by himself while I unpacked the groceries and put a stew in the crock pot and did some laundry. Then he helped me go through a big plastic bin of fabric and craft miscellany: I gave him interesting scraps to look at and he took everything out of the bedside table drawers.
We had only one serious disagreement- he thought he should move the Ott light around and I thought he shouldn't, since if it fell on him it could smush him. He was removed to think it over.
He ate his lunch, but refused to take a nap- no corral- so he had to go home to sleep, so he wouldn be crazy when they met up with the AZ grandparents later.He really is excellent company, for someone barely a year old.

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Mizz E said...

The Bubsey has more than one sucker.....the moments like this, woven together, make a sweet life.