Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Something familiar, something peculiar
Thursday: Final Dress Rehearsal
Nini loved dress rehearsal- the set, the costumes, the singing and dancing- though she understood very little of the plot. It was delightful when she got the joke of "Maid": that they just kept adding one more guy to the line, until all four were singing.
She has something of a little crush on Dr. Mike, who plays Miles Gloriosus, who is dazzling handsome in his gold armor. After seeing that night, I decided not to add any black up around the shoulders. "The light reflecting off your breastplate is really effective. It gives you kind of a god-like glow." He was all for that.
Bob came to pick her up, so Sis didn't have to load up a sleeping Bubs. I demanded that since he's not coming to see the show, he had to at least see the set. He said she was asleep in mid-sentence by the time they were half-way home.
I had brought along the latest and, I swore to him, final incarnation of Hysterium's costume. He now has a shirt under a tunic, like Pseudolus and his sleeve tassels got a special mention, which was nice. I had Pseudolus's with me, but didn't have a chance to attach them til opening night.
We're having lipstick issues with Hysterium's imposture of a dead virgin. Our AD ran out to the CVS to pick up some non-smear variety- not the 16-hr type. He did have to go to work on Friday without moist raspberry lips. It worked slightly better, especially once we realized that he needed to be reminded to blot. Something that he doesn't do instinctively, because he's, oh, not a girl.
Our best solution is two veils and constant laundering.
Added bands at the hem and sleeves of the "tunic with the tassels" and re-hemmed and trimmed Philia's overdress. But some things just didn't get done: couldn't figure out how to add the new fabric to Erronius and Lycus didn't get gold around the hem. These things happen.
(to be continued)

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