Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Morgan Jane, Doctor of the Church

For Christmas this year, I adopted the plan of buying a Nativity scene for the Y's and giving them one piece a day, ending with the infant Jesus on Christmas. Bubs was the one who really got into this, to the point that I sort of planned the discovery of that day's figure for him. For example, one appeared in the theater dressing room when we were collecting loaned costume pieces from "A Little Hous Christmas". But it seems Morgan was paying close attention as well.

She and Sis were in the garden decor aisle at their home away from home- "Oh! that's the Hobby Lobby- I go there with my mommy"- when she spotted a resin statue of a cherub.

"Mommy! It's Baby Jesus!"

"No, honey, it's a little angel. See, he has wings."

"No, Mommy! It's Baby Jesus, he has curly hair, and his mother is Mary and his birthday is Christmas!"

All with emphatic hand gestures, while the granny next to them is biting her cheek not to crack up at our pint-sized Teresa of Avila.
"Morgan Jane," says her mom "I did not know you were a Bible scholar."


Mizz E said...

Morgan Jane is talking? She was just born!

Love to you and your loved ones.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Ha ha! I concur, Morgan is a Bible scholar.

Good to see ya again Sal! :^)

Sal said...

Not so much talking, as never stopping talking.
"Moragn Jane- why are you so cute?"
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