Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time to get cracking

on the H'ween costumes!
Umm, Sal, you say, it's not even the end of September yet.

Yeah. So?
As you may remember, last year we did an Animal Planet theme: flamingo, elephant and bumblebee.

This year, we're being more eclectic: Ni is an angel, Bubs is Luigi, the Mario brother and Morgie is a pumpkin, which is just an excuse for her to wear a big fluffy orange net and organza tutu with a green ruffled Empire bodice and an enormous-ass green bow in her hair. Which her mama has already finished, by the way. Because our otherwise most sensible daughter is a Halloween Crazy Lady.
and I'm her enabler.
I'm making Ni's costume, using this pattern, the bottom left view:

out of white satin, organza and tulle. The vest is a silver net backed with organza and she will have purchased wings and a halo.
And I'm also responsible for Luigi's cap. That should be fun- I love a challenge!

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QP said...

I'm gettin' a head start too. Collage haunted houses are done. Cauldrons oozing oodles of noodles are hung. Will start Christmas angels next week and let the rest of the world go by.