Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Ash Wednesday
I was at the UPS store yesterday, mailing a package to our son- a copy of One Cosmos Under God, because I thought he might like Godwin's unsaturated language. I was trying to write a note about how I was sure it wouldn't give him the Jesus-willies, but the proprietor was watching The View and I was deeply distracted by how much I wanted to climb into the TV and give Joy Behar a sound thrashing.
Way to start Lent, there, Sal.

P.S. Spinning is in a zone all by itself. I may have to invest all my spare moments in it, just to survive the times. I could work my way through all the sheep breeds, then add the other protein fibers: cashmere, camel, mohair, llama, silk. Then I could take on the plant kingdom: flax, cotton, bamboo, hemp. And then blend. And learn how to dye.
That could keep me busy 'til 2012.


mushroom said...

I have never actually seen "The View", but I've seen excerpts. I'd worry if you didn't want to kick her butt.

Sal said...

She deserves a severe beat-down due to just plain rudeness, nevermind the shallowness and wrong-headedness of her views.
I told Brother that was why my note was a little incoherent.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

My money is on you, Sal. :^)
I concur, it's not so much Behar is an imbecile (that goes without sayin'), but that she has no decency or good manners at all.