Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Making the List
Around here, we each have a list of things that we refer to, in family parlance, as "the Devil".
Some of the things on my list are:
People Who Use Food Drives to Clean Out Their Pantries- see above.
Movie Colorization
Early Voting
All Things Bratz (Ro announced that there are now Bratz insects. 'I don't understand it. I can see how you can make Bratz out of anything you can put eyeliner on, like babies and ponies- but insects?")

and now-
Because Sissy had me play it for Bubs while I was babysitting and I see how it could be completely addicting. And I hate video games.
So on the list it goes.


julie said...

Want some good news, though? All things Bratz are off the market due to ownership and infringement issues.

Occasionally, litigators can serve a positive purpose ;)

mushroom said...

Colorization is a commie plot.

Sal said...

That makes me so happy!
People would donate them at Christmas and my thought was that our kiddos needed some positive role model dolls, not hoochie-la's with attitude and bad values.

Right now, after a couple of sessions sorting through the leftovers from this season, I'm completely anti-toy.
Except for hand-carved hard wood figures, natural fiber dolls, and wooden blocks and trucks.
Toys made by elves, IOW and not the Chinese...