Thursday, July 17, 2008

When Hair Worlds Collide
So, probably thanks to all the research for ‘Cabaret’ lying around the house, Ro and her friends decided to throw a 1920’s costume party for friends coming into town. And for her historical hair, she wanted finger waves.

In the hair sweepstakes, Ro won full, fine and straight. When she cut her hair for Locks of Love several years ago, her braid was as thick as her wrist. She just got it bobbed, prior to going back to college and was all set for a flapper ‘do.
A little too set, actually, because her friend Michelle decided Murray's Superior Pomade was the right stuff. Works on her hair. Before you could say “white girl, do not put that on your head”, Ro had become a Dapper Dan Man.
Forever…….. or until she grew a whole new head of hair.

The E-How Marge googled for her suggested olive oil and warned, too late, that the product “in the wrong hands (Michelle) or on the wrong hair (Ro) can be lethal”. Oh, really?
But olive oil didn’t work, because she had already gone through half a bottle of shampoo. And all I had in the house was weenie, ‘green’, save-the-planet dishwashing liquid.
“We need that stuff that kills seals” said Marge.
“Yeah, Mom-where is the DAWN?!? With the grease-cutting action?!?” demanded Ro, who did not want to go to college orientation looking like Alfalfa Switzer.

This was the worst family hair crisis since the Egg-Yolk Yellow Streaks a Week Before Rush debacle of 1998.

I suggested consulting Queen Beauty Supply, the local weave store, where the stuff came from in the first place, but was vetoed on the grounds of endless embarrassment.
Finally, Ro scored some Dawn and got her own hair back.
Enjoy other cultures, just not on your hair.


QP said...

Hair Crisis - don't get me started. Just let me say - I have experience. I started hair crisis management in 2nd grade on the day Mother cut my THICK, wavy, coarse hair herself.

Finger wave sets are achievable with stale beer and Deb. SPray beer, smooth on Deb, press and clip waves; apply hairnet; sit under a dryer til dry.

Need a smooth page boy? Make a long, round roller form out of a big, Kotex you have dissected ; lay against hair line starting at the nape of the neck; bring ends forward and clip ends to hair at the temples. repeat steps above.

Girl time is the best time.

Sis and I can't get away to Dallas this month. Sorry we'll miss Cabaret. Art Camp starts Monday and I appreciate your 'Barat Lessons.

Going over to CC now to take inventory, before I go shopping @ HL. What am I going to do with EIGHT three year olds!?!

Sal said...

Collage, of course. With stickers- Bubs loves stickers and will weigh the paper down with them.
Thanks for the tips- filed for future reference.
We're seeing the show this weekend and we'll see how the party goes tonight.

ricki said...

Made me laugh out loud. I always wondered what would happen if you used hair products made for a different type of hair.

(I have thick, curly, frizz-prone hair. These days I keep it long, in a ponytail because I'm too chickenhearted to get it cut short: the last time that happened, it was BAD. Like a dandelion crossed with a white-girl 'fro.)

Sal said...

accepting that there are some things that your hair just WON'T do is half the battle.

It was kind of a Frankenstein Monster moment- there are some things Man shouldn't mess with.

I sympathize with the short hair- our eldest d. broke the cardinal rule: never cut your hair while highly pregnant. She has a Dorothy Hamill that liberated her natural wave into a mushroom cloud. She quit crying after a few days, though.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Ha ha! Thanks for this hilarious account, Sal!